SSA Consultants

Strategic Planning

Looking to reshape your vision, refocus your strategic priorities, and set goals for success? We can help.

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Speaking Engagements

From local business meetings to national conferences, our consultants talk about what is important to your key issues.

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Meet Our Team

​Our consulting team spans multiple generations and crosses a wide variety of experience and areas of expertise. We are entrepreneurs, innovators, academic professors, renowned national speakers, and community servants that come from executive positions in the banking, health care, chemical, government, and restaurant industries. 

Our Experience

For more than 40 years, our clients have known us as trusted business associates and advisors. We devote ourselves to their success and deliver what they need. As experienced consultants to business, industry, health care and government, we know that success is not a fixed level of accomplishment — it's a way of doing things. 

Tools & Training

In the race to gain the competitive edge, the winners are finding solutions in targeted skills development. We work closely with our partner consultants to provide organizations with the necessary tools to select and develop the right people, enhance team performance, and identify and improve safety-related behaviors.