Training & Development

Incumbent Worker Training Program

In an effort to ensure that today's workers can meet tomorrow's challenges, SSA partnered with the state to assist with certain expenses associated with employee training through Louisiana's Worker Training Program, a partnership among the Louisiana Workforce Commission, Louisiana businesses, and training providers like SSA that provides grants to eligible businesses to help develop its existing workforce. 

Developing Louisiana's Workforce

The Incumbent Worker Training Program is like a partnership between you and the state of Louisiana. Your organization benefits, and you commit to leverage this training to help create new jobs, retain jobs that otherwise may have been eliminated, and increase wages for recipients of the training. In the end, you all win, including your incumbent employees.

We have either administered or provided training courses as part of dozens of IWTP grants awarded by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. Our qualified consultants can help you from start to finish — from preparing the initial grant application, to tracking sources and uses of funds, to delivery and close-out of training with the state — we will work with you to understand your needs and develop a training plan that's right for you and your team. 

The Louisiana Incumbent Worker Training Program includes two segments — one designed for large businesses and the other designed to help small businesses provide quality training to their existing employees.

We tailor our training courses to meet the criteria of each program. Browse through the Customized Training and Small Business Employee Training descriptions to decide which program best suits your organization's needs. 
If you are a large organization with broader, extensive training needs, then IWTP's Customized Training program may be the right option for you. Incumbent worker training is designed to increase employee productivity, drive organizational growth by enhancing the expertise of your existing employees, thereby enabling your organization to retain top talent and go out to hire additional resources. 
If you are looking for high-quality training that offers a quick turnaround from application to approval, then the Small Business Employee Training (SBET) option may be right option for you. The SBET program is designed to develop the skills of existing Louisiana employees and incorporates individual, standardized training. 

To learn about the eligibility requirements for the Incumbent Worker Training Program, visit the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s website at To take advantage of this opportunity and enroll in one of our qualified training courses, contact us