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As nationally recognized and experienced public speakers, members of our consulting team frequently speak at local, regional, national, and international conferences, association meetings, and business gatherings. Speaking topics often include subject matter surrounding organizational improvement. Our consultants combine practical examples with current marketplace trends to create one-of-a-kind and highly demanded presentations such as “Managing the Multigenerational Workforce.” 

Our Experience & Expertise

Our senior consultants offer an impressive breadth of experience combined with practical and creative approaches to organizational and professional issues. Click here to learn more about our team and their expertise.

Recent Speaking Engagements

American Society for Safety Engineers Conference
American Society of Training and Development
Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education 
Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference
Governor of Louisiana’s Safety Conference
Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance
International Public Management Association for HR
Louisiana Looking Up 2012
LSU Flores MBA Program Distinguished Speaker Series
National Association of Bar Executives
National Petrochemical & Refiners Association
Rotary Club of Baton Rouge
Society of Louisiana Certified Public Accountants 
Southern Public Relations Federation

Popular Topics and Sample Presentations 

Browse through our commonly requested presentations. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, let us know. We are happy to customize the length and content of our presentations to meet the specific needs of your audience. 

Contact us to schedule one of our consultants for a speaking engagement or to learn more about potential speaking topics.

Change Management

Change at Warp Speed: Moving Past Your Comfort Zone
Today’s competitive environment demands change — but most people are not comfortable with it. This presentation focuses on the factors that make change difficult in organizations and teaches participants how to respond effectively to “reactive” changes, and how to plan, organize and successfully drive “proactive” changes through an organization.

Teaching the Elephant to Dance: Managing Organizational Change


Managing a Diverse Workforce
Diversity in the workforce is here to stay, with statistical forecasts projecting continued growth in the number of minorities at work in corporate America. The dilemma for businesses today is not so much how to encourage diversity as it is to encourage leaders and workers to recognized and capitalize on the benefits of a more diverse workforce. In this presentation, participants will discuss the benefits of having a more diverse work culture and learn how to deal more effectively with the challenges and obstacles that often come with diversity.

Managing Generation X
A new generation of workers is growing in the workforce today — one comprised of Americans born in the post-baby-boomer era between 1963 and 1977. In this presentation, participants will learn about the life experiences that have shaped how Generation X views the world of work and their role in the workplace.

Managing the Multigenerational Workforce
Today’s workforce includes several generations of employees with contrasting views of the world of work and their roles in the workplace. Understanding the different life experiences that have shaped their point of views is critical to effectively managing and motivating this multigenerational workforce. This program explores what drives and motivates us all — and how to capitalize on the differences for a more productive, enthusiastic team of employees.


Delegation: How to Clone Yourself
Delegation is one of the most powerful tools available to a manager because it frees up time while giving employees the opportunity to take on more challenging tasks. Participants will explore what should and should not be delegated, to whom it should be delegated, and how to follow up to ensure success.

Keeping All the Balls in the Air: Effective Time Management
With today’s ever-increasing hectic pace and the reality of “information overload,” it’s easy to feel out of control. You’re not alone. Learn proven time management strategies to tackle work overload and goal setting principles to help you redirect your time and energy for greater productivity and peace.

Working Without a Net: A Risky Business!
Developing a strong network of business contacts can provide an important boost to your personal and professional success. This presentation reviews tips for developing an effective network along with a bit of practical advice regarding the do’s and don'ts’s of business networking.

Service Excellence

Achieving Service Excellence
In today’s competitive environment, quality customer service has never been more important. To be successful, organizations must exhibit a commitment to excellence from the top down, throughout the entire organization. This program is designed to provide your leadership group with the understanding necessary to support and maintain an excellent service delivery program. Participants will learn about motivating employees to increase customer satisfaction, managing change and handling resistance, knowing what customers want, and dealing with customer service challenges.

Effective Teams | High Performance Culture

Stop the Silos: Increasing Employee Engagement through Internal Communication
Would You Be the Last One Voted Off the Island? (Conflict Management/Problem Solving)
It Isn’t Rocket Science: Improving Organizational Performance

Strategic Planning 

Getting Vision Out of the Clouds: Formulating Mission and Vision Statements That Work

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