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Leadership Assessments 

Since 1970, we have constantly sought out the most effective and valid assessments on the market capable of identifying core leadership abilities or intrinsic traits that drive job performance. We utilize a variety of such tools in our work with clients, but one set of assessments in particular has stood the test of time as the best-in-class standard for utilizing personality data to accurately and objectively serve as a predictor of future performance.

Hogan Assessment Systems

This suite of assessments, developed by Drs. Bob and Joyce Hogan of Hogan Assessment Systems (based in Tulsa, OK), identify such personality characteristics that are key predictors of performance — the Hogan Personality Inventory, the Hogan Development Survey, and the Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory. We work closely with Hogan to implement these assessments with our clients, managing the logistical and electronic process from start-to-finish, resulting in a bound, boxed set of four reports. 

So what do you do with these reports? Our Hogan-certified consultants and coaches help individuals, teams and employers interpret the results of these assessments and benefit from the insights contained in the reports. Leveraging these findings, we provide customized coaching and training sessions to employees across all organizational levels and within natural workgroup settings. 

We also leverage these same tools as key components in helping organizations select the best candidate for a position, particularly high-level or safety-sensitive jobs. Connect with us to learn about our search and hiring capabilities, as well as other tools we leverage as part of our leadership development process.


About the Assessments

The following serves as descriptions of the three assessments that comprise the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series.

The Hogan Personality Inventory

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is a measure of an individual’s day-to-day interactional style and used to predict job performance. The HPI evaluates personality characteristics relative to getting along with and getting ahead of others.

Uses for the HPI include:
• Employee selection
• Leadership development
• Succession planning
• Talent management processes

The Hogan Development Survey

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) evaluates personality-based performance risks and interpersonal behaviors that inhibit performance. This unique tool identifies dysfunctional behavioral patterns that are hard to detect during an interview and not covered in the HPI.

Uses for the HDS include:
• Coaching and development
• High-level position selection
• Team functioning
• Selection for safety sensitive jobs

The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory

The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) evaluates the correlation between an individual's values and the rewards provided by organizational culture or the target job. This tool provides data about managing others, and helps people to understand their interests, motives and drivers. This measurement also indicates the environment a leader may create and the rewards they will likely provide to others.

Uses for the MVPI include:
• Compatibility with organizational culture
• Employee motivation factors
• Career motivation
• Leadership environment one might create

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