Nonprofit Organizations

Running a nonprofit organization is not an easy task — this is relatively common knowledge. There is never enough money, never enough time, and often not enough assistance to help with building a stronger and more successful organization. Moreover, today’s donors demand more than just an organization with an appealing cause and passionate roots. Patrons want to see how their investment will positively affect the organization and community at large.

Our Experience & Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in providing consulting services to nonprofits of all varieties at various stages of their life cycle. From grassroots organizations and strategic planning to management training and employee development, we have helped numerous community-based, minority and faith-based nonprofit organizations develop sustainable business models and strategies to produce results and do more for their mission.

We help our nonprofit clients to create and nurture diverse funding systems and efficiencies, improve leadership capacity at both the board and executive levels, advance customer service efforts, and streamline organization structure — while balancing the needs of all of their diverse stakeholders. 

Give us a call; let us help you expand the influence of organization, further its mission and make your voice heard. 


Featured Success Story


► The Water Institute of the Gulf | Driving the Application of Scientific and Technological Solutions

State officials and key stakeholders identified the need to develop excellent science to give local, state and federal policymakers, as well as residents, the information and options they need, not only to solve a scientific problem, but to solve social challenges as well.
SSA created the conceptual model and business plan for The Water Institute, along with leading practices research on governance, funding, staffing, and programmatic elements for 29 institutes with relevant missions. SSA also conducted stakeholder outreach and spearheaded planning efforts with vice-chancellors of Louisiana universities and research directors for other organizations around the world to help ensure early efforts of The Water Institute would collaboratively enhance ongoing activities of leading practice coastal and deltaic research institutions.
The Water Institute will create science and technology in Louisiana to inform the federal and state’s coastal restoration and hurricane protection efforts, building capacity and specialism at a level that does not exist today in the United States or around the world. The economic impact of The Water Institute will be realized not only through the building of capacity in academic institutions and private industry, but through the application of such knowledge in cutting-edge technologies that can be adapted for use by state and federal agencies or commercialized to advanced private enterprise.

► BREC | Searching for the Right Superintendent for the System

After serving as the Superintendent for The Recreation and Park Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge (BREC) for a number of years and having served as a staff member for over 32 years, the incumbent superintendent announced plans to retire. Seizing the opportunity to bring the community together to create a shared vision for the future for parks and recreation, BREC turned to SSA to conduct a nationwide executive search for the parishwide park system’s next top leader.
SSA conducted more than 50 interviews with BREC stakeholders and community leaders to develop the ideal candidate profile that would then serve as the basis for recruiting and screening applicants and making recommendations to the commissioners. In total, SSA received 80 resumes in response to extensive networking, recruiting and advertising the position, and ultimately identified 23 potential candidates. After conducting phone interviews, SSA identified 12 viable candidates. To determine the finalists, SSA performed a comprehensive background screen and overall job fit analysis utilizing robust personality and leadership assessments for the top candidates as well as developing a cost effective interviewing model utilizing web-based technology to reduce recruiting costs and allow commissioners to “meet the candidates”. With these insights in hand, SSA facilitated a final round of face-to-face interviews and worked with the BREC Board of Commissioners to finalize their top choice. Shortly thereafter, the board extended an offer to the final candidate who accepted, relocated and now serves as the new BREC superintendent.
SSA’s recruiting efforts resulted in a needed community consensus about BREC leadership as well as a cost effective recruiting process. The ultimate result is the placement of a highly experienced, out-of-state candidate charged with fulfilling BREC’s established vision, mission and goals, in addition to the development, direction, operation, and administration of parks and recreation opportunities throughout East Baton Rouge Parish.

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