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Today’s health care providers face increasing challenges including intensive regulatory demands, a growing multigenerational workforce, heightened public scrutiny and a more informed and demanding health care consumer. To achieve “provider-of-choice” status, health care providers must combine quality health care with a concerted effort to exceed consumers’ expectations. 

Our Expertise & Experience

Over the past 40 years, we have worked extensively with clients in the health care industry.

We provide a range of services to institutions, practitioners, health care systems, and public sector clients and various state agencies whose organizational mandates are rooted in health care. Many of these organizations are working internally to adapt to changing times and the "new” health care consumer. Some are succeeding, and some are not.

We work hand-in-hand with organizations that have realized change is not instant; it is a process, and it is often one that requires a combination of an objective third party and subject matter expertise across one or more core competencies aimed at addressing problems or facilitating change.

Working together with such organizations — from developing operational improvement plans to driving aggressive customer service improvement programs — we help our clients to not just set the bar, but continually exceed it.


Featured Success Story


► Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals | Changing the Face of Health Care Through Provider Outreach

Upon completion of designing the new coordinated care Medicaid model that was initially referred to as the “Coordinated Care Networks” model, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) engaged an outreach team comprised of SSA and two other firms to provide outreach services to develop, produce, and implement a statewide multimedia education and direct outreach campaign for providers, Medicaid recipients, and community advocates relative to the initial implementation and rollout of this new model that would become “BAYOU HEALTH.”
SSA is responsible for all provider outreach related to the rollout of BAYOU HEALTH, working with physicians and associations to educate providers across the state on these new programs, benefits, and the role they play in this new system with a strong focus on providing coordinated, preventative care to Medicaid and LaCHIP recipients in Louisiana. SSA also provide senior-level strategy services utilizing the subject matter expertise of our consultants working on the project, working directly with DHH senior leadership to facilitate programmatic outreach at all levels and foster statewide understanding of the importance of this new approach to health care amongst Medicaid and LaCHIP recipients and the providers in the medical communities that serve them.
SSA has delivered 79 provider outreach and education sessions to more than 4,000 Medicaid and LaCHIP providers across the state of Louisiana, working with representatives of the medical community and relevant associations to disseminate information about BAYOU HEALTH, including ongoing programmatic and policy updates, to members of the medical community and the recipients they serve. Through this focused approach to outreach and education, State of Louisiana leadership, including Gov. Bobby Jindal and DHH Secretary Bruce Greenstein, have acknowledged the implementation of BAYOU HEALTH as a successful one with the provider outreach model developed and led by SSA as one to emulate for future programs and initiatives within DHH.

► Covenant Health System | Improving Patient Satisfaction

The merger of two major Texas-based hospitals resulted in the creation of Covenant Health System (CHS), the fifth-largest health system in Texas at the time. The union of the two fiercely competitive hospitals with distinctly different cultures, combined with significant management changes, created an unsettled environment. Both organizations’ reputation for quality care and good patient satisfaction changed drastically after the merger, with CHS’ Press Ganey Satisfaction scores dropping below the 30th percentile in their peer group. In addition to low patient satisfaction scores, employee and physician satisfaction scores dropped sharply as well. 
SSA researched national best practices, and then helped CHS form a Customer Satisfaction Steering Committee comprised of various employees and hospital stakeholders. With guidance and assistance from SSA, this Steering Committee then developed a bold vision for success and four design teams to assist in the development of the improvement plan. The teams worked with SSA to create a program that addressed teambuilding, employee physician and patient respect, the patient’s awareness of a job-well-done, and CHS’ contribution to the community. In addition, SSA designed opportunities for celebration at every success point to acknowledge employees’ contributions toward overall improvement.
CHS’ customer satisfaction scores improved from the 30th percentile to an impressive 96th percentile just one year after the SSA-designed program’s rollout. Shortly thereafter, Press Ganey recognized the efforts and results of this program by awarding CHS with the prestigious Compass Award for Excellence in Patient Satisfaction, which recognizes the greatest improvement in patient satisfaction scores in the large hospital category in the nation. 

► North Oaks Health System | Accelerating the Growth of Leaders

A period of rapid expansion and growth at North Oaks Health System led to significant internal promotions of its workforce into managerial and leadership positions. The community-based hospital organization engaged SSA to assess its current makeup of all supervisors across all levels of the organization, and to provide training and feedback to aid in the growth and development of these key executives and leaders now tasked with managerial and supervisory duties to sustain and build upon this rapid growth across the organization.
SSA worked with North Oaks to identify 150 managers and supervisors across the organization to participate in the leadership development process through which every manager completed the assessments included as part of the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series. Following the completion of the assessments, SSA conducted one-on-one coaching feedback sessions with each manager with the goal of interpreting the survey results, identifying critical leadership behaviors for the purpose of soliciting feedback, and beginning the process of creating a Personal Leadership Development Plan. To help participants develop greater self-awareness of personal strengths and opportunities for development, SSA facilitated multiple “Wrap-Around Leadership Training” group sessions that included all supervisors within the organization. In addition to individual coaching and these wrap-around sessions, SSA conducted several teambuilding sessions to strengthen cohesion among vertical natural workgroups and supervisory team members within the organization.
Upon project completion, SSA conducted a participant-wide survey with both quantitative and qualitative question sets. Findings included high levels of satisfaction with consultants’ facilitation skills, interaction with groups, instructors’ energy and enthusiasm, and usefulness of information presented. Additionally, respondents reported increased levels of awareness for personal behavior and an understanding of the importance of receiving feedback from others. Moreover, open-ended responses from program participants supported conclusions drawn from quantitative data and confirmed participants’ commitment to personal development, organizational growth and team development. Because of SSA’s work on this project, North Oaks Health System requested SSA’s support to develop a selection profile and screening tool for all new physician hires at the hospital. In addition, the organization continues to turn to SSA to assist them in profiling new hires and with many of its subsequent leadership development efforts.

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