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Rapid growth. Broken processes. Lack of a succession plan. Employee dissatisfaction. Customer complaints. Inefficient organizational design. Corporate mergers. These are just a few of the issues businesses may encounter throughout their organizational life cycles, whether they have five employees or 5,000. And every one of these cases have the potential to derail success and adversely affect your organization from top to bottom if not recognized and addressed with the appropriate level of speed and attention.

OUR Expertise & Experience

Whether it's through customized employee surveys built to understand employee satisfaction and sentiments about what is going on at a certain point in time within the organization, process re-engineering or organizational assessments to maximize the effectiveness of operations, or working with senior leadership to build a culture of “service excellence” and accountability to your customers, we have seen it all and understand the issues your company will come across at nearly every turn it takes.

Many of these can be sensitive issues, and most demand outside, objective assistance to understand the root cause of problems and develop actionable plans to overcome and survive whatever challenges you may face.

Our consultants possess hundreds of years in combined experience of consulting with both privately- and publicly-held companies, along with expertise developed from serving in key management roles at businesses ranging 25 employees to those with tens of thousands across the globe and crossing multiple economic sectors.

Got a problem, or know you’ve got a problem but aren’t exactly sure what it is? Give us a call — we can help.


Featured Success Story


► Fortune 500 Vertically Integrated Global Organization | Capturing and Improving Processes

In an effort to improve its proposal process and increase the success rate in winning projects, this Fortune 500 vertically integrated global organization engaged SSA to evaluate its existing process, identify impediments, and make recommendations to improve the win rate of targeted projects.
SSA interviewed capture and business development managers as well as proposal team members to gain an understanding of the company’s existing proposal process. The SSA project team evaluated a selection of proposals and depicted processes to ascertain the intended outcome compared to actual execution. The team also reviewed winning competitive proposals and interviewed the evaluators of previous proposals to identify points of failure.
SSA found that the organization's contributing factors to a point of failure existed among its people, process and technology. SSA identified that organization did not follow a formal process for capture and proposal management, and the company lacked a true understanding of the needs outlined in a typical request for proposal. Additionally, the SSA project team recognized that organization's personnel did not follow through on commitments in a timely manner and exhibited poor knowledge management practices as well as an inconsistent post-mortem of proposals or projects leading to poor knowledge capture, dissemination and use. Among its final recommendations, the SSA project team stressed the necessary commitment from the group management team to address identified issues relating to accountability standards and expectations.

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