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Chemical, construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, and industrial contracting – all industries whose member organizations vary wildly; yet, at the end of the day, they all dedicate their efforts to producing the tangible items that form the fabric of our daily lives. Because these industries are so wide and varied, the various workforces that comprise organizations that exist within are likewise large and complex in and of themselves.

Our Expertise & Experience

From experience, we know companies with diverse and dispersed workforces require not just effective supervisory skills training, but ongoing management development and even safety training using personality-based organizational tools to drive safe performance.

In addition to SSA’s long history of providing training and management development support to industrial organizations, our consultants have practical experience working at industrial contracting and industrial construction, chemical, and industrial manufacturing companies, as well as a long history of providing training and management development support to these types of organizations.

From senior leaders to frontline employees, we are comfortable working across all organizational levels to recommend and implement strategies to help organizations better manage their people and streamline their intricate processes to achieve better performance.

Our clients that operate in these industries often rely on our certified consultants’ targeted coaching and development sessions (in both one-on-one and team-based settings), complemented by the Hogan Safety Assessment, to recruit, select and develop their crews.

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Featured Success Story


► Privately Owned Global Steel Pipe Manufacturer | Attracting Talent with Competitive Compensation

Like many companies in its industry, this fifth-generation, privately owned global steel pipe manufacturer found competitive pay practices to be a critical factor in attracting new employees and retaining existing talent. Recognizing this, the company engaged SSA to assess its existing pay plan for the purposes of streamlining its salary structure, improving market salary competitiveness, and enhancing its ability to hire and retain top talent.
Based on interviews with the company’s top executives and a comprehensive review of relative internal information, SSA identified 87 jobs to serve as the representative sample of the company’s positions for benchmarking. After compressing some of the positions, SSA analyzed 69 positions against relevant market compensation survey data to determine the competitiveness of the positions and the company’s pay practices as a whole. SSA also reviewed the company’s compensation manual and salary structure for market competitiveness.
SSA determined that although considerable variances existed among individual positions, overall employees’ compensation was within market competitive range for both total cash compensation and base salaries. SSA also redesigned the company’s comprehensive salary structure with updated features such as condensed salary grades, more competitive salary range spreads, and customized mid-point progressions. The project team re-slotted nearly 100 jobs into their respective job class and pay grade according to the new salary structure. SSA provided additional recommendations to the compensation administration and presented an implementation plan based on the findings and adjustments needed as a result of the study.

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Improving Safety-Related Behaviors in the Workplace

Safety Performance SolutionsSince the 1970s, our consultants have helped organizations successfully develop high performing leaders. Recently, we partnered with Hogan Assessment Systems to create a program that equips supervisors with the skills required to build a culture of total safety commitment.  Learn More ►