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Amy Lyons
Support Team

Amy OttAmy Lyons provides project support functions, including managing client communications, designing training materials, delivering outreach services, and coordinating leadership assessment and development programs. She also supports SSA’s clients through a variety of disciplines, including data management, customer/client satisfaction program design and implementation, business process design, and technology project management as it relates to design and implementation.

During her tenure at SSA, she has served as an outreach specialist for a multi-million dollar program management and construction project to create awareness among constituencies and stakeholders. Other notable engagements representing Amy’s experience include administration and analysis of numerous assessments, including customized peer evaluations and associated implementation processes, including 180/360 instruments, for several plant sites of an international chemical company.

Prior to joining SSA in 2008, Amy worked in program-management support roles in the public and private sector.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Louisiana State University.