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Courtney Ardoin
Senior Consultant

Courtney ArdoinCourtney is a seasoned corporate professional with substantial strategic planning and organizational development experience and proven success serving as a trusted advisor to executive teams and CEOs. She comes to SSA with more than 20 years of experience helping large-and small-scale organizations develop and execute growth strategies in both favorable and crisis environments.

Courtney’s ability to develop and execute growth strategies in dynamic market environments aligns with SSA’s commitment to growing and sustaining our clients’ performance. Some of her notable strengths include brand development and promotion, change management, and team and relationship development.

Prior to joining SSA, Courtney served 18 years as Innovation and Strategic Partnership Lead and Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana. With a passion for community engagement and collaboration to improve health outcomes and support economic development, Courtney actively participated in initiatives such as the development of the Baton Rouge Health District Treatment Plan and the inaugural New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge.

  • Lead by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, the development of the Baton Rouge Health District Treatment Plan was a historic collaboration between traditionally competitive institutions in the Baton Rouge medical community, and an entirely new approach to delivering health care in Louisiana. Courtney served on the leadership planning group between January 2014 and June 2015, and task force implementation groups throughout 2015 and 2017.
  • In 2017, the New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge [NOLAHI] was created by the New Orleans Business Alliance. Courtney served on the leadership council to develop, promote, and successfully launch the first annual Innovators Challenge. NOLAHI is a crowdfunding initiative targeting new digital health and bioinnovation businesses to solve local health care challenges. The winners of the challenges were provided incentives to locate their companies in the New Orleans market. NOLAHI was an anchor event during the 2018 New Orleans Entrepreneurial Week and achieved national recognition.

Courtney graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship Management and a Master of Science in Finance.


Master of Science, Finance, Louisiana State University
Bachelor of Science, Entrepreneurship Management, Louisiana State University
Strategic Planning
Corporate Development
Talent Recruitment
Marketing Strategy
Strategic Communications
Change Management
Brand Development and Promotion
Financial Forecasting Management
Courtney Ardoin
Senior Consultant
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